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Head amp pico slim repair?

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Hello head fi, Ii am Reaching out because my beloved pico slim needs repairing and I don't know anyone who can repair it. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I already emailed head amp and no response. Again thank you in advance.
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Yes it is the same issue, I email justin but no response.
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This is interesting as I have had the same issue with my Pico Power.  Sent it back for repair (a long process); all was well for a time and the headphone jack started cutting out again.   The jack seems to grip well but when the plug rotates or moves the sound cuts out.  Justin is working with me but it makes me wonder if there is a widespread problem with these amps and the headphone jack shorting/cutting out. Not encouraging that the next "fix" will work.  Would suggest continuing to try and contact him (not always easy); he should be able to offer a solution.


Not to hijack, but has anyone else have the same issues with their Pico amps????

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I have had my Pico Power since April and no problems at all. Granted, mine does not see the abuse like a travel rig would. Mostly use inside the house as a semi-portable option...

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Thanks for the perspective.

Mine sees a bit more "transportation" but am extremely careful and is packed in case with no movement or stress on the jacks. We will see if the second fix solves the problem, although I'm skeptical given the reoccurrence, careful care of the amp, and suggested experiences here.

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Pico DAC/Amp, Amp, and Pico Power all use the same jack. There are thousands of these made and i havent seen any jack failures in several years

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Thanks Justin, hopefully these are just isolated cases. Will say that the amp sounds outstanding and appreciate the willingness to fix my particular issue.
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In all fairness I have used my pico slim daily for almost 2 1/2 years and just last week it started acting up. IMO the pico slim is one of the top portable headphone amps on the market for IEM. I will miss my pico slim while it's away getting fixed.
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Well, if the headphone jack issue is corrected I would definitely buy a new one because the amp does sound fantastic and I love its sound.

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Just wanted to say that the most recent fix on my Pico Power headphone output jack seems to have taken care of the issue.....still evaluating and giving it a bit more time but so far so good.   Thanks Justin!

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