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For Sale:
Logitech UE 6000 Noise Cancelling headphones

Will Ship To: North America

Bought these last week, arrived Friday.  I have 50+ hours of burn in on them, with pink noise.  Great bass, and decent mids with sweet highs, but not what I was expecting.  I can't return them to, so I'm offering them here.  I bought them for gaming/music and they sound better than any offering for XBoxOne on the market right now.  Music is great, but I was left wanting more.  I purchased a set of JVC HA-MR55x headphones to try and replace these, we'll see how that goes.  Anyways, I have the box, papaerwork including receipt, and everything needed.  I'll include 3 sets of AAA batteries to run the NC/Amp portion of these headphones.  They have a nice "V-shaped" sound signature with the NC/Amp on, and are fairly neutral with it off. 


I will ship in the same box I got them in to anywhere in NA, and if my daugther hasn't popped all the air bubbles, they'll be packed with that, otherwise, you get newspaper. 


Nice headphones, just not my style.