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Headphone upgrade

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Hi everyone,



I'm a bit of a headphone beginner, I currently have the Phillips Fidelio X1.


I have a bit of an upgrade itch so just searching around.


I love the deep bass in the X1's, however I sometimes feel the bass is sloppy and drowns out some of the midrange. I had some Beyerdynamics previously which were amazing on the mids but far too bright for me. 


I'm looking for something similar(ish) to the X1's but with more punch in the mid range while still keeping some of the low end for £300ish.





So far I have been looking at:


AKG Q701 - Complete opposite of the X1 but on a great deal at the moment.


AKG K712 - Almost pulled the trigger on these, not totally convinced it's the best I can get for £300 though.


Sennheiser HD650 - Seem to be well regarded across the board.


Hifiman HE-400 - Seems like the most logical choice coming from my X1's. From what I hear though it's worth spending the extra on the HE-500 (currently out of my budget).


Sennheiser HD700 - Go for under £300 2nd hand.





Any reccomendations I haven't thought of and some personal insight?


Thanks in advance.

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Started leaning towards the DT880 600ohm version, my old Beyerdynamics were the DT990 Pro, loved everything about them apart from the harsh treble. Would the DT880 be a good choice considering my experience with the DT990 Pro?

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Went for the Sennheiser HD650s in the end, got them today... Glad I did!

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