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Please note, the only headphone wich I've heard (and actually own) from this list is HD800,HD650 and HD600


Some out-of-production headphones went to the headphone heaven.

They were really expensive and well build headphones, they were told that they are the statement products,
but does one cancel such type of products? was a nibbling thought,
thus they started felling like overpriced cr*p which nobody really like.

A headphone god came to them and asked: what is bothering you?
- We feel that we are not that good, and our pricing did not reflect the SQ only nice wooden finish and nice box we came in
- Some of us feel like we were producing broken sound for overblown amount of money
- So you feel like UE8?, asked headphone god; Well you (at least most of you) are quite good
- So why we were canceled
- Look good headphones get canceled too; look at Denon  Dx000 series, it got hundrets post of appreciation on head-fi
- But We did not get >1000 post, said the statment headphones thinking enviously about HD650 and HE500
The headphone god sat saidly, thinging how to cheer up statment headphones.
- So what is the problem, he said to each of the headphones, I'll each give you something special for your problems
AKG K1000 said:
- First of all people say that the idea of me is really nonsensical beeing just two speakers strapped to the head.
They say that the 'natural-crossfeed' thing done 20 cm with a large obstacle in between is a bad joke, and I have no bass and somewhat messy presentation.
THey laugh at the concept how a headphone can be neutral and natural, if it has drastical change in sound signature based on pivoting drivers, not mentioning the
users saying that each exemplar sound diffrent.
- So headphone, for you ordeal, I will make you the queen of the soundstage in the global conciousness of hifi users
Sony Qualia said
- Almost every person who hear me, asks the vendor: could I have another unit, this one seems broken or something, the sound is so weird?
- Enough said, I will make you the queen of the details
Sony R10 said:
- people say that there I don't even hava a lot of bass in the bass-heavy version, not a lot of people have heard me, but they don't seem to even appreciate my smaller
brother, who was cancelled to, and had a normal price!
- I'll make you the queen of tone and mids
Than Yamaha yh1000 said
- Nobody really remebers me, I'm suprised beeing on this list
_ I would make you the queen of bass for that, but unfortunatly I've heard the audeze headphones, and I'm going to waste this title on something from the 70s
- Oh, said saidly Yamaha, going into total desolation
Than came Sennheiser Orpheus
- I'll just say that, even thought considering my price, people say that Sennehisers HD600 are almost as good or sometimes better, and are wondering what the deal with me is
- What an offense, for that I'll make you queen of it all, and punish those maruders making a joke on them by giving them almost perfect headphone, but with a internal flaw of nasty treble peak,
so that they will go forever complaining about 'bad recordings' and spending $$$ of dolars into their rigs, trying to fix that flaw (of course they won't event consider it a flaw, just a problem of other origin)
Then came STAX Omega II
- i don't get it, I do everyting right, no complaints what so ever?
- Yes, they just replaced you with some better models, no title for that, sorry.
Finally, came Grado HP1000
- I completly don't have any idea why I'm here and what I'm doing good or wrong, they replaced my temporary with some 300$ headphone as a statement product.
THe headphone had here a problem, because he have given all the titles away.
- Hmm. I will make you the queen of PRAT
- Yeah is it an accronym for pacing/rythm....
- No, don't joke, even 10$ headphone can provide pacing withing few miliseconds of accuracy
It really a variation of the word FART, just the two inner letters are replaced so it would not be that obvious.

The headphones were happy of their new titles, as they now will not be forgotten in the memory of headphone users.
- But wait, said on headphone, and what if the users will compare us and the legends will not be that 'true'
- That not a problem said the headhpone god, you are so rare and cost so much,
which means that your owners can only give a good listen (and since you have collectioners value they will not do that often);
and they will not be willing to have your legend demolished, since that would provide a signigicant loss
- And with exeption to that, added headphone god, you will be only heard few minutes on audioshows or some meets, were the few minute listing will not be sufficient to dispel you legend
- So chear up, and rejoice that each of you is better (at least in term of price, thought morbidly the headphone got) than Sennehisers HD600/HD650 combo;
but sadly his thoughts went to the new beats studio 2.0, goddamm*t not only the previous version won in terms of popular vote (total money spend) but now it is not only beats but also apple, and is actually getting better.