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Silent Gigabit Switches?

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Well I don't know what happened with the previous thread. It's not there but it's title is there... OK, so I have to retype my post again. As I've had to do so many other times before. Just as well it wasn't a long one this time.

I need a Managed Gigabit 12-port switch that's silent in operation (i.e. no fans). Any recommendations? Thanks.
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It seems that you can get one that is layer 2 or layer 3 do you have a preferance? Anyway, here's a link to netgear's site: http://www.netgear.com/products/switches.php Good luck!

This one is pretty nice, it doesn't seem to use fans and it supports OSPF as well as RIP (1 & 2) along with DHCP. It'll certainly make life easy on your router. http://www.netgear.com/products/deta...7312.php?view=
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Look at Allied Telesyn Inc switches. I've had good experience with those myself. A little bit pricier than the home gear, but sturdy and silent (at least the ones I've used with external power bricks).
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Even unmanaged ones have fans.

I disconnected the fan on one of mine, cut two big windows in the top, and put window screening material for keeping fingers out.

Works like a charm.

I was surprised to see how many heatsinks were on the chips in there.

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The Allied Telesyn machines do have an internal or external power options. I do wonder if the external power option model has a fan or not.

I've been using Procurve switches (which moved along with the servers) and I was just about to order another Procurve for home but I realised before order that they're noisy as heck. I'm currently using an unbranded 100MB switch to tide me over.

I did briefly think about with the idea of bringing back and modifying one of the Procurves, but it's just that would void the NBDR warranty. Do I have any options for silent small-diameter fans or premade large heatsinks?
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