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Is my driver damaged?!?

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I have started to hear a rattle in the right side of my Fidelo X1s. 

I live in Japan and bought them in the USA. On the phillips website they say they do not honor any warrenty if you move from the country you bought the product in... 

I don't listen to music THAT loud, and I use them un-amped. 

How can I test if the driver is damaged? 

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It could be a piece of debris or hair caught in the housing.  Perhaps try gently vacuuming it out and giving it another try.

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How can hair cause this?
I will try. There doesn't seem anyway to take apart the x1s. I don't want to void the warranty either.
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Anything that can trap the driver and cause it to not move as designed can cause this.


The driver could be deforming due to a defect whether it was caused by playing too loud of music or some other cause is difficult to discern.

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Called amazon. they already sent a free replacment model to my house in the USA. I have 30 days to send back the busted pair. 

I just have to pay shipping to and from Japan, probably 100$ or more when all said and done. 

Stupid on my part. 

I picked these up in the USA in may when I was there cause they were 60 bucks cheaper than Japan, but now I am spending more than that to get them replaced. well lessono leanred. Most cans cost about 50-100 more here in Japan, but I see now that its worth it when they break. 

My effing V-moda M100s broke for a 2nd time in less than 4 months too. Vmoda was kind enough to send a free replament pair to japan, if I sent them proff I destroyed the orignal pair. This time they will email me a mailing slip so I can send them to their plant in china. What a pain! 


My m100s just has plastic that breaks off, and I play them WAY WAY louder than the X1s. The x1s should not have had any problems. 

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