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I have been on a bit of splurge recently and have attached to my Vita/Ruark R4i an Arcan AirDAC to stream lossless music from my server via upnp, a rega ears headphone amp and a pair of Senheissier 380Pro headphones.


It all works very well and I am happy with the quality.  More than happy actually as I've never heard the speakers on the unit sound so alive. :-)


However I am unsure what the settings for the headphones should be.  Should I have the volume on the headphone amp up full and turn down volume of the audio through BubbleUPNP on the tablet, or should I turn down the amp and turn up on the controller?  Does it make any difference either way?


Sorry to sound dim, but the amp will sit undisturbed behind a cupboard once set.  I don't plan to use the volume knob day to day and want to get it set up properly and optimally.

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