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Fun & engaging, but clear sounding headphones

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As mentioned in my introductions, I have recently moved out to a apartment.

I cant really play as loud as I want anymore without disturbing neighbours. So I originally got myself Denon AH-D600 & Rega Ear MKII, but... Lets face it, it cant compete with my speaker system. I find it to be rather muddy sounding, but the bass is pretty decent and fun.


Ive done some listeing at my local store, which got Denons and Sennheisers, and found the HD800 to be too bright and bass wasent satisfying for me. 

So I look for something which are very clear & open sounding, but still have that bass which make them very fun to listen too. I do not want a true basshead headphone thought. I've had my eye on the Hifiman HE-400, but im not sure to be honest. They seem to suit my genre great, which is mostly electronics music

Whats your guys recommendations? 

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Ultrasone PRO750 is the headphone that I would call fun & engaging. They have very v-shaped sound signature, so if that appeals to you then probably they can make a good candidate. For me they had too much bass and treble, but I liked how fast/exciting they sounded, listening to them felt like driving a very fast car. I think that in general, elevated treble = engaging sound, so I would look for a v-shaped headphone, there are many great recommendations in V-Shaped club of Head-Fi.

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Thank you! I will look into those.


Yeah im not after a really bassheadish headphone, but enough for it to be fun, good punch. 

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What is the most versatile headphone amplifiers on the market at the moment? Which work with everything from LCD-X to Philips Fidelio X1? 

Audio GD M9? 

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The audio technica W1000X might be worth a look. It is a closed headphone but has a decent soundstage. I would say that it is on the brighter side, at least compared to my HD650 and Beyer T1. I've not heard the HD800, so I'm not sure where your limit is. It has a decent bass slam though not overpowering. Overall, a headphone with good detail retrieval.


More info here - http://www.head-fi.org/t/485226/ath-w1000x-appreciation-thread 


Regarding a versatile amp: My meier classic handles my 40ohm audio technicas to the 600ohm T1 without problem. A neutral and clean solid state amp. Gets out of the way and plays the music as it is. Has a good crossfeed feature. May be worth investigating. 




Good luck with whatever you go for. :)

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Fidelio X1
Fidelio L2
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W1000X wasn't a bad recommendation. What I liked about it was that it got just about every category just good enough, making them hard to not like. Pretty comfortable, super sexy looking, good enough build quality for woodies, have a decent soundstage, are fairly detailed, have a present but tamed bass, rich, smooth AT mids, and a nicely extended treble that really helped vocals sound great. Just an all around good can and seems it should cost a bit more than what it does! (It costed more before, but still)

If this isn't your cup of tea, I may have a few others in mind, but for now check it out! I'm pretty glad I did! biggrin.gif
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