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Greetings dear members 


I'm for a pretty long time owner of the Philips GoGear Connect 3 with Android. He works pretty great and even without amp it got's a very lively pretty good sound and FullSound DSP makes the sound surely more vivid for a large percentage


But recently I switched from Yamaha EPH100 ​​to the JVC HA-FXZ200, but I notice that the Yamaha's surely sound better, the JVC have an enjoyable 3D effect, again you hear the panning simply much better and the soundstage is still pieces intense but they sound to somehow terribly distorted. I called the shop to inform, and they say that they still do have a (The JVCs) 150mW who needs a pretty good amp somewhat


So I have the Philips GoGear Conennect 3, will it potentially to connect it to a Fiio 

I must say that the sound many times sounds better on my Philips Gogar Connect 3 with FullSound than my Realtek onboard soundcard.

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