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Best soundcard for $100-$200???

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I thought the terratec's 6fire was the best for the quality in $100~$200 range...before I come here. I can see many good soundcards now. damn, I should have came here long before~

What I am using now is the 'Audigy 1 Platinum -> soft modded audigy 2 ZS'. I pretty much like it- because of a front panel and surround stuff and all. Isn't it pretty much fun to play with???

I've got some art scholarships, now I got some free money I can spend. I am looking for some decent soundcard with a great sound quality. The Sony MDR-CD1700 will be used, and I do game/music 3:7. I use 5.1 speakers.

I need some recommendations, friends. It seems there are too many choices.. It doesn't matter if the soundcard is USB, PCI or Firewire..

PS> Is there any soundcard technical comparison chart available??
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Well if you want the best you can get for games and music in that price range, get an Audigy2 and a Chaintech AV710, for about $110 total. The EMU 1212M is $200, and whips either for music alone, but doesn't support all the fancy stuff for games, and hasn't 5.1 output.
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Wow that was a fast response. Thank you sir.

BTW, I just finished the udial test. (High frequency and all..) on my (Audigy 1)softmoded Audigy 2 ZS. Wow I heard the 'AMBULANCE NOISE' that drove me crazy at 16/44.1.. My ears are still hurt. Creative soundcard really is a pure piece of xxxx. Audigy1 playback does not even go upper than 16bit on the kernel streaming. What the hell- Why did I buy this???!!!

I did the resampling, and the sound was fine. (The normal phone signal) Only the 44.1 was the problem. I must definitely change my soundcard!
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I foolishly didn't notice from your first post that you already have the Audigy covered.

Could you clarify whether you're looking for 5.1 channel card for your music, or if you only needed that for gaming. If the latter, use your whole budget to get the EMU.
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