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For Sale: Cardas EM5813 IEM MINT

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For Sale:
Cardas EM5813 IEM MINT

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Got it only 1 day ago, good IEM no doubt. Deep bass, and vocal is very close, with very non-fatiguing and dimensional soundstage.  


the only thing I m not get used to is that its SQ is too warm to my taste,


anyway, its a good try, different listening experience. Before getting it, I know its SQ is special and worth a try. That's why I get it.

Reason for this sale is the same, I d love to try, and then sell them to get money and try other pairs again.


 I m still getting used to its SQ. therefore not even quite sure if I should let it go, just put it here for now see what would happen. Once I feel better with its warm signature, I might just close this post later on. 


Condition is MINT, no scratch, estimate about 100 hours of use and they continue to improve with additional hours of use.


ask for $290 + $shipping.

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