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I'm looking for a good usb DAC that i can put inbetween my computer and my behringer HA400 amp. Meaning that i need to go with a cable into my amp with a 6.5mm jack to what i assume is a 3.5mm jack for the DAC. The thing is my current setup exists of a speakerset, a sony mdr-7506 and possibly a new sennheiser HD598 (that i plan on buying, because i miss the sound of sennheiser). The DAC may cost 100 euro's preferably, 150 euro's max. If there is a DAC/amp out there that can hook up 4 audio devices (3.5mmjacks) then i'm willing to buy that instead.


I assume that if its usb that it will draw its power from there or a seperate powerline so i don't have to change (or load) batteries.


To get some more bass out of my sony's i usually mess with the eq, however if there is an amp that can boost the bass i would like to know that also.


If hooking up the DAC with my amp is a problem, please let me know for alternatives.


i'm interrested in the audioquest's dragonfly, but i don't know if everything would work with my amp (since i read the dragonfly is also an amp).



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