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Stylish headphones HELP!

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Hello can some one help me find stylish heaphones worth around $50 my style is like beats by dre and the marley one's i just don't want to pay extravagant amounts for headphones

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Noontec Zoro? Looks similar to the Beats solo, only $70.

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Not a whole lot of choices for stylish headphones under $50 bucks.. There are some with decent sound though..
Here are a few choices that might fit your criteria:

Skullcandy Hesh headphones:

Audio Technica ATH AX5B (if you're willing to stretch your budget)-

Bluedio R-WH (if you're willing to stretch a bit again)-

Noontec Zoro (just a few bucks above your budget)-

Panasonic RP HTX7 (sound pretty good and look ok)-

Skullcandy Aviator-

Skullcandy Crusher Subwoofer headphones (if you don't mind refurbs)-

JVC HAM-55X (used but sold buy a good guy from our for sale forum for a really good price)-

Audio Technica ATH WS55i (also used but sold here by the same person)-

Hope these help you out a bit!


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Well if you're a basshead you would like the sony x10
The koss prodj100 with m50 pads is an amazing value. Amazing clarity, imaging, and detail at its price range. Its pretty neutral as well. They are regarded as one of the best cans under 100
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