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Hey, I'm looking for headphones that have a kind of "moody" bass. Bass that sort of draws out a bit, not tight. I like a decent amount of treble and in some songs it makes a difference so an overall good mid/treble with moody bass headphone is what I'm looking for.

I listen to a lot of different genres and artists, I like Radiohead, Death Grips, T I V E, Lil B(Based God), Neutral Milk Hotel, Kanye West, and I REALLY like Com Truise and James Holden. Those two are seriously the best producers.


But yeah, I was looking at dt990s and HE-400s but I'm looking for recommendations.


Also If your selling any headphones that you think that might cater to my ideals, hit me up. I'm also looking for an amp and dac.



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