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Best headphones for 50$ or (preferably) under?

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Hi! I'm in serious need of new headphones, and I was hoping for advice. Basically, there is no way I'll be able to spring for anything over fifty bucks. I'm a high school student whose parents refuse to allow to get a job because apparently that's too adult for a sixteen year old, so I have no cash, and am relying on them. They have set a limit of maximum fifty dollars (before tax, if anyone's wondering). I know I can't expect stellar sound at that price range. But up until now I've been stuck with very low-end headphones (usually around ten dollars, or, even worse, those dollar-store earbuds) and would like something half decent. The music I listen to isn't too bass-heavy, so that's not a major concern for me. I'm just looking for something decent. My main concern is durability. I don't treat my headphones poorly or anything, but I am fairly active and will be using them while running. These are likely the only pair I'll get for a long while, so I need something that'll stand up to a few hours of use almost every day. Finally: I'm in Canada. This mean they have to be available here, as I'm not allowed to have them shipped from the states because there'll be customs charges. I'd prefer over-ear but in-ear are fine too. does anyone have any suggestions?

P.S: Please don't reply with something like "Just wait to buy such-and-such brand." as that is in no way helpful, and kind of misses the original point of the post.

Thanks in advance for any help, 


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If you don't like a ton of bass, the Superlux HD-681 EVO is great for its price, under $40 USD. Great clarity, very comfortable, good for rock music. It is an open or semi-open headphone though, so sound will leak out of them letting you hear outside sound and people may hear what you are listening to if that is a problem. I've only heard them briefly but they sounded good.


I think these headphones need an amp to sound their best if I remember right, which may be a problem for you. It is only 32 ohms so it might sound fine without one.


Mentioning what music genres you like might help.


Edit: Here are reviews on them in case you wanted more info:



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My usual music is a range of indie music, mixed in with a bit of classic rock and classical.
The only issue I have with the set you recommended is they seem to be sitting around 65$ plus tax in Canadian dollars.

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Is there a specific store you need to buy them from? Or is that the lowest you can find?


You could consider the non-EVO edition then probably. I'm not sure what the difference is, but it may be equally of good value.

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The harmon kardon cl has dropped a ton in price. According to digital trends it is better than the bowers and wilkons p3 in clarity and the martin logan mikros 90 in overall sound quality.

Another option might be the koss prodj100 with m50 pads

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