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Is the ATH ES10 the best choice within a 350 dollars range (Amazon)?

I care a bit about isolation, but it wouldn't matter if the sound quality is good enough for isolation being "discardable".

I care a bit about comfort.

I couldn't care less about design.

Sound quality on top of everything, suitable for almost all genres, but strong bass is something I really care about.

For home use.



Thanks, sorry for the dummy vocabulary.

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Basshead cans (will be overwhelming for some genres)

m audio q40

polk audio hinge

jvc sz2000

Sony x10

fun cans:

yamaha pro 400 and 500

donscorpio dolphin

nad viso hp50

polk audio ultrafocus 8000

polk audo buckle

hifiman he 300 and 400(open... They will give bigger soundstage but will have no isolation)

phillips fidelio x1 (open)

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