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€80 (EURO) or Best Offer
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For Sale:
*Price drop* SoundMAGIC HP100 | Possible defect

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi! I'm selling a new, unused pair of SoundMAGIC HP100 headphones. I bought them a few months ago, but my friends gifted me a pair of the HP200s which I currently use. The box has been opened only to check if everything is included and nothing has been damaged. The cable, 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter, carabiner to enable easy carrying of case and airplane adapter are all present. Unfortunately, the receipt is not with me. 
The retail price in Germany is (still :-( ) at ~220-230 euros (according to amazon), but given the absence of the receipt, I thought it fair to lower the price. I'm willing to ship it anywhere, but I'm assuming this offer would make the most sense to people in Germany or the EU, because the prices in the US at least are MUCH less. 
Here's my eBay user account so you guys can take a look at the feedback I've received:
PayPal and bank transfer are accepted. 
Thanks for your interest and I hope you have a good experience!


Edit: I got them out of the box a few days ago and I noticed a slight channel imbalance. I don't know if it's because of the fit, or if it's a hardware problem. If I put a little pressure and push the headphones onto my ears, the sound seems to be alright at one particular point. I don't think it's psychological, so I'm cutting the price!

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