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Hey there, I'm new here. I've been reading around this site a lot and I need some help or recommendations finding my perfect earphones/headphones. I want a good thumping sub-bass earphone/headphone (In ear, over ear) that also sound clear.


I have/had these headphones and earphones before and I'll do a quick impression of each one.


Beats Solo HD - Kill me, please. I got tricked into the hype. Sounds worst than the apple earphones. BUT i love how it literally shakes the whole headphones for bass. (1/10)


Bose Quiet Comfort 15 - I would say these has no bass, and sound like any regular headphone, just with noise cancellation. (4/10)


Monster Turbine - Sounds like an upgraded apple earphones, they sounded great until I tried the golds (4/10)


Monster Turbine Copper - Eww. Lack of bass in my opinion, sounds 8/10 clear. That's about it. (3/10)


Monster Turbine Gold - I would say this was the king of bass earphones for me. But it lacked clarity. (5/10)


VModa Crossfade M-100 - Loved these, sounded clear, bass was good but it wasn't thumping. (7/10)


Beyerdynamics Custom one pro - Not that clear, below average bass, very uncomfortable around the neck. (3/10)


Sennheiser IE80 - Wow, these are the best one I own so far. The clarity is like 10/10.  Bass is like 7/10. I could hear EVERYTHING that is in the song that I never heard before. The background, the foreground, the vocals, the bass. One problem... It thumps, but not hard enough. (9/10)


So again, I want to know what you guys think I should try next. I want something like the sennheiser ie80 but in headphone version and has a good thump.


Thank you.