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For Sale:
FS: Qinpu A3 integrated tube amplifier

Will Ship To: USA



Up for sale today is a Qinpu A3 integrated tube amplifier with matched Soviet upgrade tubes.  The amplifier is in excellent condition.

Smooth, refined, detailed and clear sound, fantastic driving capability, it will power low impedance headphones like ESW9 or K701 with authority, even high-impedance like HD6x0 and 600-ohm Beyers.  It made me realize how inadequate my preferred SS amps are for 600-ohm headphones.  Ultimately, tube sound isn't for me.

I used the amp primarily with speakers and sometimes with headphones.  It takes 3.5mm plugs instead of 1/4" plugs.


No trades.  Trade offers will be ignored.




  • Qinpu A3: $ shipped to the continental US.





Feel free to ask me any questions.




Thank you for looking!  n__n

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