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For Sale: Moth 2A3 - (Best Version)

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For Sale:
Moth 2A3 - (Best Version)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For (tentative) sale is the vaunted Moth 2A3.  This amp is perhaps the most treasured amp I've had in my history as a headphone gear collector (including BHSE, BA, ECP, LL, KGSSHV, Electra, etc ad nauseam - yes I'm aware I have a problem.)  I'm not going to go into an exegesis on the hallowed history of Moth as people greater than I have already provided overviews.  Suffice it to say that it will never exist again, at least not unless you can bring the band back together and throw so much money at Joel/Craig that they can pull a scrooge mcduck on their fortunes.  Trust me, I and others have tried for years - the attention that (early) Moth spent on ridiculous detail, overbuilt both on the inside and out, is unfortunately a thing of the past.


You'll notice I mention this is the "best version."  There are three (kind of 4, sort of 5 if including Craig customization jobs) versions of Moth's 2A3 amp.  


The earliest one was super awesome.  Overbuilt in every way possible.  (Chassis, Innards, pictures are of one of my actual units but not taken by me.) Only one problem.  The internal rectifier dries up the inside of the amp, giving caps a very short shelf life.  The unit pictured has been in the shop being serviced by Moth's original tech for the last 8 months replacing caps and other parts.  


The second version is what I term the "best."  It is identical to the first version (still cost-no-object style build inside and out) but with the rectifier external (still two tubes viewable through the portholes though.)  These first two versions were quite expensive and did not sell particularly well according to Craig so they are quite rare.


The third version is seriously stripped down, both on outer chassis and inner build quality, and went (understandably) for less than half the price. This is the unit many head-fiers owned back in the day.


This unit comes with everything (giant wooden shipping crate, original Moth documentation, rectifier + two porthole tubes.)  If you want the 2A3's that I have, well, they don't come cheap.  So I will probably sell this tube-less.


I am not interested in wheeling and dealing on this listing.  Anyone looking to "talk down" the price etc will not be entertained (I really don't have much free time at the moment.)  I would highly prefer to sell this to someone I know or trust but may have to open this listing up as most of those people are long gone or involved in other pursuits.


There is a mod that can be done to this unit (per Craig) that can raise its sound quality to the level of the Leviathan.  It is not that expensive (under 2K last I checked) and would leave one with essentially a Levi that is DC Coupled and looks better (lets be honest, nothing Craig makes will ever reach this level again unless Joel were to come back.)  You would have to wait until Craig has time though.  I've waited for over a year so far.


I reserve the right to cancel this listing at any point if I come out of my craziness.

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