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hmm - and what about a sound bar for the tv ? 

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Soundbars are definitely a better choice that the built-in TV speakers, but are generally a compromise in price/performance over separates. Of course, not everyone has a setup that can accommodate separates with vertical speakers on the sides.
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 okay     :bigsmile_face: 


So I'm gonna setup the monitors at my pc with some stands- ,will there be an amp or a dac necessary ? or will they sound fine without one - anyway I want a volume knob. Something like the Fostex PC 1 or PC100 ?

And a soundbar - I took a look at the Yamaha YHT S401. Budget will be about 500 Euro-ish ( 600 -700 $ )  Will they sound fine or do I have to spend tons of money?  :frown: 

-does a soundbar need something like a dac? - no it doesn't , or does it ??

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