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shure se535 or something else?

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How are the se535 compared to 1964ears v6? I thin i can stretch upto 700$ for a piece. I really want great sound and i had se530s before and a pair of sennheiser ie80. As it stands im very interested in either 535s or the v6-Stage.

Oh and one more question.. Where can i ask for help if it is fixable for the ie80s, i have problem with them. At first whem bought the left earpiece had very reduced sound. I got them replaced but after 16months it has got the same problem again, the sound is very very reduced. I sent them to sennheiser but they didnt want to warranty these due to a minor injuri on the cosmetics of the earpiece wich i claim has been there for over a year. Which is only a flick on the connector.
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Reading the forums a while, etymotic er4 really netter than shure se535? Really? I feel dissapointed over the response only upto 16khz?

Also i wonder, how many armature drivers are there in each earphone? I know ws40 got 4 and se535 got 3.

Btw i forgot to say that i listen mostly to psy-trance, trance and love to play around with the eq for my liking and expect a high response. The ie80s i had i had to move the bars more to notice a difference, rather than se530 where a simple klick would make a very noticable difference. Also i experience the ie80loose its bassy and punchyness when all other sounds are overwhelming, something i never experienced with 530. Also the ie80s seemed pretty bullcrap at vocals xD
How are er4 in comparrison to shure530/535? On the lows, sub and vocals ofc.

And i want to ask... How can er4 be so much cheaper than ie80?

Been reaserching the net alot now.. Though would really want to hear anything on this matther and my thoughts in previous post.

I cant really seem to find someone who have tried both the 535s and the er4..
Though the 535 seem much better overall and er4 is said to have more neutral sound. Though im quite concerned about how much a single armature driver is capable of for my pref of music and equalizers. Been reading up on the comparrision between w40 and 535, words say that 535s are more fun, more clarity and more neutral and overall much better than the w40.. So i think 535 will be my definate choice. The 535 LTD version as i read its an improvement from the 535s, i wont be dissapointed at all since i think 530s are milestones better than ie80.

A comparision was the alors on dance from stromae at both 192+ and FLAC quality the 530s could define and produce such detail that u could hear the microphone filter infront of your face, where as in ie80 this detail was not there at all and the vocals sound more "deadish"...

The ie80s are good.. Nicely bassy and detailed at the sub however causes me a fatigue at bass deep dub steps that move the driver so much u feel the air blow and shake the eardrum. I remember the 530s did not but did have more detail to the bass and was very equalizer friendly to really kill the ie80s in term of richness, loudness and clarity.

535ltd will be mine next week if anyone dosnt come with any suggestions or comparitions to say! smily_headphones1.gif

Hugs to you all audiophiles <3

Once high quality, u can never go back :*
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