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1964 Ears or Shure?

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Hey Audiophiles!


I'm really interested in getting a better pair of in ear monitors. I currently own a pair of low end Shures (SE215) and a Bose QC15 and am looking to get my first piece of legit gear. The two things I care about the most are sound isolation and clarity. I have seen pretty good reviews for 1964 ears and also the new Shure Se846. What do you guys think is the better option?



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Well as far as isolation goes, it's hard to be customs. After all, they are molded for the shape of your ears. That being said the 846 has a much higher price tag then any of 1964's offerings, so hopefully the sound quality is noticeably better.

In a way, you are comparing apples to oranges. Is price an issue at this point?
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