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audiophile earbuds for long distance running

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I was looking for a good recommendation for audiophile earbuds to wear on my 5-10 mile runs. A while ago my wife bought me a pair of Monster iSport Immersion headphones, which I like but don't love. Last week the cord caught a branch during my run and now the sound cuts in and out when the cord moves. My budget is between $75-100 (what I told my wife) but realistically i'd go up to $130+ for the right pair.


Here are the ones I've looked at so far:


Sennheiser CX 685

Audio Technica CKP200 (very cheap)

Shure SE215 (really attracted to the replaceable cable idea, considering my previous earbud exp. )

Audeo Phonak Perfect Fit 111 (if found on sale) (like the idea of interchangeable filters) 

Westone UM 10 (if found on sale) 



Anyone have any advice/ recommendations? Experience with these earbuds?

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I shall subscribe to this thread for I am wanting to find an upgrade as well from my Horrible isports lol. I cant stand those things. Tons of distortion at any volume level and I cant ever get them to stay in my ears while at the gym.   I literally can tell zero difference between these and the Meelectronics I got off of groupon for roughy 8$.


Good luck on your findings :)

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Thanks! To you as well. I'll be saving up for this purchase. I may spend 5 dollars on some monoprice earbuds until I find what I'm looking for. Id really like a 2 armature pair, but not sure that falls in my budget
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Can't go wrong with the 215. I wore mine for a three mile run last night. Comfortable, good sound, and I can't think of another IEM with a replaceable cable at this price point.
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Hi, I would recommend the XTZ EarPhone 12 Sport, especially if you have an iPhone or iPod while you run, because they have a player app that corrects both frequency response and impulse response, making them perfectly linear. They do sound really good without it though and will work well with other players. The cost is $110, but they are definitely worth it. They come from a small Swedish brand and I think they look great and the quality is high.


Hope that helps



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Thanks for the recommendation Mr_Owlol!
Those XTZ's look great and reviews like them too! My only concern is if the iphone app would run in the background as I typically have run monitoring/ music apps to monitor.

And JoeDoe, the 215's are the ones I keep coming back to. Though I found some Westone alphas on ebay for ~$110.

Instead of buying the cheap temporary monoprice earphones, I remembered that I had a gift card to best buy. The cx 685s were on sale and I had coupons from rewards... So basically I got them for $2.50. I'll see how I like them but I'm still looking for something better to buy later this year/ early next year
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The iPhone app is a music player with access to the iTunes library. It's pretty simple and from what I noticed it isn't that draining on the battery. As I said, the dsp app isn't absolutely necessary, the earphones sound just fine without, that just brings that extra edge...
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