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Hey everyone, first time poster!


   I'm a classically trained violinist looking to break into the world of popular music after leaving my masters program at a a conservatory in Boston.  After spending some time in Nashville doing freelance recording/performance gigs, I fell in love with the scene and haven't been able to bring myself to keep pursing classical performance.  The defining moment was when I got to perform with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in several arenas across the Southeastern United States... The adrenaline still hasn't gone away....


  Anyway, after playing some of my first rock/blues shows last summer in NYC, I realized that I absolutely needed to invest in some good IEMs.  Between the stage noise, crowd noise, and wedge monitors blaring into my face, I could barely hear myself or the guitar/keys.  As a violinist it is incredibly important to be able to hear yourself and the rhythm instruments clearly because, similar to vocalists, we need to constantly adjust our intonation... If only we had frets!   


 Besides this live performance application, I would also like to purchase these IEMs as my definitive casual listening and home-studio-lite device.  I'm no audiophile, but I was recently introduced to the DT-770 80ohms which really opened up my ears to what music can sound like.  Unfortunately they were stolen out of my car this week, which is why my desire to purchase IEMs has been rekindled.   


 After doing some research, I've settled on Jerry Harvey for my IEMs.  Considering I just bought a new five-string electric instrument and a bunch of gear, my budget is starting to get a bit tight.  I primarily listen to artists like John Mayer, Norah Jones, Coldplay, and a bunch of pop-rock bands.  I'm also a big classical music buff and really appreciate the detail the 770s gave me here.  My primary listening device is the Iphone 5 with Spotify Premium tracks. 


  I'd really like to know what the full range of JH IEMs will give me compared to my old 770s.  I'm also willing to expand my budget up to the 11s or 13s, but I will be going on tour this August and might not be able to come up with the money in time.  Also, I don't know if I'm even capable of truly appreciating all the detail of 10x3s and above due to not having a good amplifier or even the "ears" for it.  


Thanks for reading this long winded post!