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Soundblaster Titanium HD vs Realtek ALC889 microphone recording.

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I'm looking for an expert on 3.55mm jack microphones with on-board Realtek and Creative Soundblaster Titanium HD cards.

Everyone knows that the Titanium HD does not have the 30dB mic boost option that older cards and current Realtek onboard audio has. But when I got sick of being told I'm too quiet in my YouTube videos and on VoIP programs like Mumble, Teamspeak, Ventrilo, and Skype, I decided to enable my onboard audio only for plugging my microphone in.

I found that despite having drivers installed or not, the onboard Realtek card seems to record only the left channel. It isn't a stereo mic, but when recording from my mic with my Creative card, it records in stereo and plays back in stereo. So I'm juggling two imperfect solutions here.

If I use the Realtek, any GeForce Experience / ShadowPlay videos I record or stream has audio only coming out of the left channel. However, if I use the Creative card, it's just too quiet without that 30dB. Some software, such as Ventrilo, have pretty nice software audio boosting, but that's not the only software I use with my mic.

I took screenshots of what I mean exactly using Goldwave. I don't think anyone's done this before because I tried finding the answer before posting and couldn't find any solutions.

As you can see, the volume in Goldwave on the left side with Realtek is blasted up to patent pending. You would think that 30dB is just nothing but distortion, but the mics that I have are so quiet, it's actually perfect--except for the left channel only. You can see in that same shot that it's only left channel. Nothing I've tried has fixed it.

On the right side, you can see that both left and right are equal and that's what I want. The problem is it's too quiet. I know of no patch or registry edit I can do to get the 30dB mic boost for my Creative card unless you know something I don't.

So it would be nice to find a solution without having to buy some new USB mic that just picks up audio better. I quite like my mics and they sound very good, but I just wish I could get stereo recording with Realtek (yes, with a mono mic. it should upmix like my Titanium HD does) or louder recording with Creative.



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I found the answer myself. I guess nobody knew. I made a video in case people have a similar issue in the future.



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Ok. I just tried to reply with a YOUTUBE video I made because I figured it out myself but this crappy site doesn't allow me to post links. I hate websites that are this locked down. Please delete my account and stop sending me emails. I want a forum that isn't censored to **** and PREVENTS quick solutions because they're so deathly afraid of bad words or spam.



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