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I've been using the A161P headphones for almost everyday now since I bought them. I chose them based on comprehensive reviews from this forum. They sound great however I should have paid more heed to the warnings about the wire quality. The headphones have very thin and weak cables that give a ton of microphonics (hopefully I'm using the right word for noise coming from touching the cable), as well as a poor mic button that is flimsy and difficult to reliably press. So after under 1yr of use, audio from one ear is coming in and out probably due to loose contacts on the wires somewhere and the other one has the wire coming off near the headphone, which after a while now has no sound coming out.

Still under warranty, I contacted the manufacturer and they replied with this

"Thanks for contacting MEElectronics and sorry to hear about the issue with your A161P earphones. Unfortunately we have discontinued this model so I can currently offer you two different options for replacement. The first is for me to issue an RMA number for you and have you send your A161P earphones in to our office, whereby we will do our best to repair them.

The other option is to instead sever the cable of your A161P earphones and provide a photo showing that the earphones are unusable with your name and today's date hand-written on a piece of paper and placed next to the earphones. That way you don’t have to ship them in or wait for the earphones to make it all the way back to us. Once the photo is received, I will issue you a replacement of one of our current models. The current standard replacement would be our A151P model, which you can find here, but you can also select the M-Duo Dual Dynamic Driver earphones if you prefer."

So, I can choose to either try the repair, or choose the A151P or the M-duo. Which one should I go for?

Thanks for your help