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Wanted: WTB/Trade: Monster SuperTips

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$1 (USD) or Best Offer
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WTB/Trade: Monster SuperTips

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm looking for some Monster SuperTips for my Turbine Copper Pro.

Anyone have some of these and are willing to part with some of them?


I'm primarly looking for the old spherical style Gel tips, in size "Small-Medium" - these fits my ears perfectly.

They seems to still be available from, but they won't ship to me in Sweden and I don't feel like paying around €100 that are asking for a six-pack of them :eek: 


My second choice would be the "Medium" sized foam tips, and third option is the new style Gel tips, in size "Large" that seems to be the only one of the new style that fits my ears at all.


I have some of the tips in other sizes to trade with if that's interesting to someone.


Please let me know if you have some of the above, and what you are asking for them (I live in Sweden, so shipping here must be possible).


Thanks in advance!

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