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[Q] Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 vs Sennheiser HD650/HD800 (and what DAC+amp would you recommend)

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Hi Head-Fi!


Long time lurker here, finally made an account to ask you guys some questions. 


So to start off, I'm planning on diving headfirst into the audiophile world and need some advice on what to get.
(I would preferably buy new for headphones, DAC and amp are debatable).


To start off, the Tesla T1 has been on "sale" for the past week or so for $699, which is about half the proce of the HD800s. This is the main reason I am posting this, Are the HD800s worth double the Tesla T1s? Or would it be more "economical" to go with the HD650s which, although not the flagship devices, but are also almost as good for only ~$550 (if I remember correctly).


The main purpose of these cans would be to listen to music at home in a studio type setup; I listen to pretty much everything from classical to electronic to ballad to pop, etc. I like a neutral balanced sound, and a large soundstage with good separation and clarity in the music.


Also I would need to buy a DAC and an amp to drive the headphones, as my current setup is just a portable amp (pa2v2), and re-branded fa-003 (digitech pro monitor) cans. I am not very well versed in what DAC+amp would be a good setup, so this I would need your guys help with.


I have not yet decided on a max price, I would like to hear your guys opinions first before deciding. I know it will most likely be1000+ including DAC+amp.


What do you guys suggest/correct me if I have any misinformation.




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My advice would to be to your hardest to audition as many of these as possible before making a decision. I've tried the T1 and HD650, but not the HD800. I didn't really care for either the T1 or the HD650, but I think with different amps than I tried them out of they could be killer.

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Thanks for the advice, although, I am not sure where I could go to listen to these. I have checked my local guitar center and electronics stores, but they do not have these headphones in stock. Do you know where I could go to check them out?

Also I am open to suggestions for other cans as well, if you have any.
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BTW, I missed that this was your first post.

Welcome to Head-Fi! The motto here is: "Sorry about your wallet!"


Depending on where you're located, there are occasional Head-Fi meets you could attend... I'm lucky enough to have Nice-Cans located here in Austin, TX, as well as quite a few hi-fi stores with headphones (even Best Buy's home theatre section has quite a few Sennhesiers). Perhaps another member could let you demo their pair... otherwise you might be out of luck for hearing them in the very near future. Patience is a big part of learning the scene here, especially at the high price. The T1's seem to be a love or hate kinda deal... and at that price, I'd say they're worth really looking into. DAC+amp recommendations... I have none for the T1. I know I don't care for it that much, so I never bothered reading through dedicated threads to learn what people like to pair with them. I only know that people like the kit Bottlehead Crack and Mainline as great budget and high-end options respectively for tube amps.

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Haha I already knew all my money was going bye bye when I decided to look into hi-fi audio equipment :P


Well where I'm at in Phoenix, AZ the Best Buys don't really have much selection at all, half of their selection being different colored beats by dre.  I also don't think we have a nice cans as well. 


I've heard people say the crack works well with the Sennheisers, and I've also heard tubes pair well with the T1s because of the added warmth.  That aside, until I get to hear the difference my instinct would be choose a DAC that has more of a neutral frequency response so it will be "truer" to the actual sound being produced.  I still need to do some more reading, so I can get better versed on the DACs and Amps that would pair well with these cans.

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Fair enough. Keep reading around if that's all you can do. Nice-Cans is a local business, super awesome guy. He's who I auditioned the T1's with from a Benchmark DAC1.

When I said Best Buy, I meant the Magnolia Home Theatre section within. Some BB's have it, others not.

Best of luck to you, feel free to keep asking questions.

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I don't believe the best buys here have the Magnolia Home Theater section, but anyways thanks for the help!


I would also like to hear any other head-fi-ers opinions about these cans/what DAC+amp combo would be good.

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