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I have no idea why this amp isn't talked about more. Schiit did an amazing job with this thing. Better than the bottlehead crack with speedball in my opinion. It also costs less. I just got it and so far it is better than expected.


+1 I made this same comment a few weeks ago. I don't know that I'd call it better than the BHC w/sb, just different. The BHC is a tube amp that sounds tubey. The Val2 is a tube amp that sounds...well. solid state. It's very clean and resolving. Beautiful with the hd600/650/800. It also sounds very good with the ma900 and if you put it on high gain it works pretty darn good with efficient planars like the he400/400i. 

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Yes that was a poor choice of words on my part. That is the perfect way to describe the two amps. The valhalla actually does sound like a solid state amp.

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Hey, love your avatar. Wish my kids were still that young. 

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She's my niece. Thanks.  :smile:

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Right out of the packaging these '60s Foton tubes sound awesome. Definitely a little more open and distant sounding. Not sure if I like the distance this adds but I really like the openness it adds (this is a very minor thing to me, however); I'm going to wait until these puppies get some hours on them.

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