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Headphones/IEMs for Power Walking in Summer (ATH preferred)

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Couldn't find a recent thread, nor one that fell within my criteria.


I'm a relatively big fellow of 210 pounds. Not quite Godzilla US, King Kong of Ted Kennedy big, but big enough that I swear like... like a lot when I do anything. As a result over the past two years I power walk two miles a day at the park before work, where I sweat more that Roseanne Bar at an all-you-can-eat chicken buffet for fat the morbidly obese.


Historically for my walk, I would just use my ear-buds or ear-pods that have come with various apple products over the past few years,  (original,ear buds, ear buds with ILC, and ear pods) of which most are now dead. Last week, I killed my ear pods, (my favorite of alt he included iPhone units) and now need to get off my ass and buy a pair.


I really do not want to spend a lot of money on a replacement. I would like better than stock Apple Crapple, but at the same time, know what ever I replace them with will likely meet with a similar fate.


Not 100% sure how I feel about IEMs and would hate to invest in a pair only to toss them due to weird fit/feeling. I don't mind ear buds, but they do tend to work their way out and need readjusting a bit too often. This leaves me with the clip on option.


So, getting to the point, what options, recommendations, suggestions and yaddy-yaddy-yadda are there? I'd like to keep under $30, as I blew my budget for the month on a pair of ATH-A500X headphones. Obviously, I prefer A-T but realize that's a tall order.


Again, I'd prefer higher durability than perfect sound for this particular application. Yes, I'd like good, really good sound, preferably bass out of my power walking cans, but I'm willing to eat the trade-off. I usually just think on my walks, and the music is background noise/noise isolation more than anything else. (Blasphemy to say on an audophle forum, I know!)

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Originally Posted by brassmonkey View Post

I swear like... like a lot when I do anything.


I can relate to that :wink_face:


For in-ear, try some SoundMAGIC E10s ($30 ish)


Or for a more durable cable and build, the Shure SE112 for possibly more like $50, these have good bass and a 2 year warranty.

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I stopped by WallyWorld today to stock up on ¢99 two liter bottles of Mountain Dew that was on sale. While there, I grabbed a cheap $12 pair of JVC Gummy IEMs for $12 just to try and see if I could even do IEM's. I wasn't 100% how well I could handle the pressure difference of having them in the ear canal. There's no bass, and they don't sound as good as the dead Apple earpods as so far as bass goes, it does give me something for a week or two until I can order a better pair. I think I can do IEM's. I'll take a look at the SoundMAGICs, and possibly the Shuu. I had hoped to hear from a few more folks on here.


EDIT: I was amazed by the sheer selection even a small Wal*Mart had on cheap IEM's. I almost bought a pair of iFrogs for the same cost, but it didn't have the in-line remote or mic, and I suspected the quality wouldn't have been any better in the iFrogz.There were also Skullcandy which I knew wouldn't've been built any better, and the Sony stuff looked way overpriced for something just to be used for a week or less.

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I do the same type of exercise routine.  I just can't handle IEMs when I'm exercising though, they end up slipping out.  And then I'm poking my ears every five minutes.  For me, I use Sennheiser PX-100 over the ear headphones outside.  They are open headphones so I can still hear traffic, but they sound good.  They are light and fold up for storage.  I wear a baseball hat outside, and the headband is big enough to fit over it.   I got mine for $50, so that's a stretch. But, I've had them for 8 years.  They work well.  I have no plan to replace them.  

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I thought about that route but fear the sweat would kill the headphones pretty fast.

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