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Dear All,



I bought my third proper headphones ( proper according to my standards and budget) last week. Which is a Bose QC15.


But now i think i need one just for sitting down in a silent room and try to enjoy myself differing every frequency.


I am coming from a musical background as i have been playing drums and guitars for 9 years now.


I also try to do some stuff on DAW's.


So i have done some research and kind of made a decision but of course if the amount you are about to spend is about 2k you can't just trust what you read on the internet, especially since everybody's hearing preferences differ.


So i thought I will briefly tell you people what i like and then the combo i think of buying so you let me know what you think. I appreciate your help!


First of all, 


Here's some of the equipment i have :


Krk Rokit 5's for daily use


Krk Rp10s Sub (Also no idea why i bought this can't turn it on at all)


Bose Companion 5's (I have this in my other house)


Sennheiser HD-25 II (For DJ'ing)


Beats pro (useful for nothing waste of sources. i regret buying this piece of crap)


Bose QC15 (mostly just for flights)


Bose SIE2 for walks etc.


Kontrol Audio 6 Six channel audio card if i'm producing also for KRK's


So now i plan to buy a reference headphones plus an amp with tubes.


According to my research done by the past 6 hours i started thinking Sennheiser HD700 and Woo Audio WA7 would make a cute couple!


But now the real problem I have in mind is,


I usually listen to chillax/electronic music and I can't figure out how this setup would make that music sound like?


I really want to hear mid and high frequencies clearly with a solid bass but definitely not exaggerated bass like beats pro.


Here are some examples of what i listen to:


Or i sometimes go a bit harder and listen to this kind,


I have a personally selected AIFF archive of over 750 songs that i bought on Beatport. so please don't judge me because i am posting YouTube links here :)



Thank you if you have read this long!


Any help or ideas would be appreciated thank you!

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Do not buy hd700 unless you know what you are doing. They sound weird and are overpriced according to many.
Should be auditioned prior to purchase.

I'll suggest Hifiman HE-560 and schiit Lyr + bifrost. But there are many options out there as you most likely are aware.
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