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JVC FXD80 vs FXT90 vs RHA MA750i

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Hello guys,


I'm trying to decide between these three IEMs, based on ljokerl's Multi-IEM monitor review and the price/availability of the models in Canada.


1. JVC FXD80 - 80$ including shipping

2. JVC FXT90 - 77.30$ including shipping

3. RHA MA750i - 130$ free shipping


This is what I'm usually listening to:


Movie soundtracks



Metalcore / Melodic death



What would you guys recommend? I think my ear canals are about the average size, the Medium size eartips for the Image S4 were fitting just fine but the medium Comply T100 were just a bit just big for my liking. If you have any good eartips to recommend with them I'm open to any suggestions.



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I have the JVC FTX90's.  They are really good if you are willing to take the time to burn them in.  Damned things are coated with carbon, making them tough as nails.  They are also really comfortable.  I will say though, I also received the Shure SE215's, (they are $99.00 on amazon with a $10.00 discount and a $10.00 gift card.  Once you get past figuring out how to get the damned things into your ears, they are really comfortable.  They come with foam tips.  The ones that were on them when I got them work fine. 

Anyway, the reason I would go with the FTX90's over most others is if you plan on using an amp with them.  The JVC's can take 200 mW which is about as high as I have seen. 

Isolation is a bit too much on the Shures.  I wouldn't be walking around the streets using them.  They sound great though and would solve your ear tip problem with great sound and, are in the same price range.

Good luck :)


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Thanks for the fast answer I'll definitely check out the SE215.


Btw, I have a Bravo Ocean tube amp but I don't have a portable amp. Is 20 Ohm enough to cause problems on my LG Nexus 4?


I know for a fact that I can barely hear any sound from my DT 990 600 Ohm on my Nexus 4, while I have pretty good sound from my MacBook Air even un-amped.


This is the impedance for the 4 models :


JVC FXD80 = 20 Ohm

RHA MA750i = 16 Ohm

Shure SE215-K = 20 Ohm

JVC FXT90 = 12 Ohm

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I don't hear well at all.  I use the Fiio E12.  I had a lot of the lower Fiio amps, this one puts out the power I need.  Is why the max input is so important to me.  I seriously have a drawer of blown ear buds.  There are a lot of good portable amps on the market now, I am not a Fiio salesman :).  I don't think anything portable is going to be as good a your tube amp.  But, some are pretty good.

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I have both the FXT90 and the SE215 (although the limited blue ones) and both are completely fine unamped. Out of your list of 3 earphones, I've only heard the FXT90, but I can say that they are definitely well worth the price. You most likely will not have problems with fit as most medium silicon eartips are around the same fit. The only problem I have with the FXT90 is that they do not isolate very well, but if that doesn't matter to you then they are a great pair of earphones

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