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Hi All,


Here is the project: 


I am not affiliated with them at all (I wish I was!!), but I love their music and John's incredible talent as a drummer which is part of what give's SOADs music so much character and soul, so I feel the need to get the word out however I can to help him with his art.  They have no knowledge of this post, hopefully this isn't against the rules?  Anyway, I am posting it here given for the price of a good set of cans and an amp, John will fly you to LA to see ComiCon with him, hang out with the band for lunch, or of course there is ton's of great stuff available for the price of a finger of single malt, or even a large Coke at McD's :).


Sorry, I took the only spot on the list for being flown out to L.A. to co-produce a song with John, James, and the rest of the band "These Grey Men" in the studio... EXCITED, HOLY CRAP I AM EXCITED!!!!  I will have to put off a few (quite a few) head-fi purchases to swing the $$ but SOOOO worth it, one of those experiences that I imagine I will remember into my next life (or the after life, or into the nothing, whatever happens I will remember this a long time anyway).


That is all :).