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For Sale:
[FS - Australia] New Schiit Valhalla 2 headphone amp

Will Ship To: Australia

Received the amp just last Friday. While it's a lovely amp, the sound is not suitable for my sort of music (I had a blast listening to Crowded House on it though!). 


I could return the amp to Schiit as it's still within the 15-day money guarantee but the shipping back to US is exorbitant. Therefore I'm offering it for sale to fellow Aussies for AUD $350 (+ postage) ONO. I welcome local pick up. Being 4 days old, the amp is of course in brand new condition. The other options are to buy it new from Schiit and cop the USD$65 postage, or buy from the local dealer for $579. I hope that my sale would allow someone to experience the Valhalla 2 at a more affordable price.


I realise I don't have any feedback here on Head-Fi. I've been a longstanding member of Head-Fi and the last time I sold something here the feedback system was not in place. However, I have over 220 positive feedbacks on ebay (100% rating) and I can prove it upon request. I aim to please.


Please message me if you are interested or have any question.

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