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First pair of headphones

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Hey guys looking for my first pair of headphones. I currently have 2 pairs of IEMs that I use for working out. They are the Klipsch s4a and the monster n-ergys. I think they are both good enough earbuds.
I also have a Fiio e7 amp.

What I'm looking for is suggestions for headphones that are around 100 bucks that will be used for mostly at home listening. I tend to favor speakers that produce really good bass or midbass. Listen to a lot of rock genres. Anything from metal to classic.

Thanks in advance!
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Open or closed back?


On or over-ear?

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I think over ear would be more comfortable.

I guess I don't have a preference between an open or closed back. All I know between the two is that open back tends to give you a more open soundstage.

I need to do some more reading obviously smily_headphones1.gif.

I should have said that I will thoroughly read through all reviews of any suggested headphones.
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Well the two that come to mind are the ATH M50 and the Grado SR80i.


The M50 is a closed, circumaural, studio monitor with a little extra in the midbass. The SR80i is an open, supraural, that excels in rock-based genres. Both are easy to drive and won't disappoint.

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Thank you for the suggestions! I have actually been looking the ATs for quite awhile now. Just didn't know if they were still a good option or if there were better ones out there.

What do you think of the monster N-pulses? You can get them for 90ish bucks on eBay and I have read decent reviews of them.
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Don't have much experience with Monsters. With those I've heard, I wasn't terribly impressed.

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