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Please help me with my survey (about storage) - Page 7

Poll Results: For *all* my music/media, I currently use:

  • 34% (749)
    250 gigabytes or less
  • 17% (388)
    251 gigabytes to 500 gigabytes
  • 17% (386)
    501 gigabytes to 1 terabyte
  • 30% (676)
    More than 1 terabyte
2199 Total Votes  
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Wow, you guys/girls seriously have loads and loads of media. I don't have any videos and my music is about two-thirds average bit-rate (192kb/s) and one third ALAC and it comfortably fits on my 16GB iPod. I guess I'm just more intimate with my "small" number (800 some) of songs.
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For all my media and other files:  about 3.5 Tera on a Drobo 'beyond raid' system.    A self written primitive shell script runs every week at night to find additions/modifications and then connects to a Unix box at my other place (6000 km away) and scopy's them over.  Just in case a place burns down or my stuff gets robbed.  Still on the lookout for an efficient, affordable and reliable online backup and storage solution that enables versioning.  So far every single one I've tried is either dead slow, very good until one needs a restore, prohibitively expensive or a combo of the 3 undesirables mentioned.

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Voted! Hope it helps :)

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if we're talking music alone, i have about 135 GB music (mostly flac)

but i have over 6-7 TB of movies ;)

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I have about 500 gig of ALAC files, which I have copied to several locations.

I have much more Analog storage in my vinyl.
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I have just shy of a TB in music. But it is always growing...

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I have 2 RAID racks, each set to RAID level 1 (mirror copy).

1 set of 2 terabytes is my cd-rips, mostly mp3 from old days
2nd set is 3 terabytes slowly filled by FLAC/SACD

hope this helps.
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I got more than 3 terabytes of music in my hard drives which I connect to my pc then dac > amp > headphones > ME

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I have a 4 2TB drive Raid 5 device (about 6 TB effective space) with 5.5 TB filled with flacced and tagged music.  I also have 2 redundant 3 TB USB drives with another 1.4 TB of flacced anfd tagged music for a total of 6.9 TB of music.

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As far as music goes, I have maybe 100 GB because it's all compressed and I didn't really find out about things like lossless formats and iPod mods and such until recently. Thats said, I also have a 4TB drive filled with just movies. My laptop has 160GB SSD for OS/Programs, 256GB SSD for Games, 1TB HDD for media and storage (pics,videos,music, files ect. and another 1TB for backups. (yes, 4 drives in 1 laptop, Clevo X7200) It's gotten to the point where I am thinking of building a home server. Bottom line, you can never have too much storage space.
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My music collection occupies 3.6 Tb of storage.  I may have to add another NAS to separate my music from everything else.

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I have somewhere around 2TB of FLAC music stored on two 1TB external hard drives and another 1TB of mp3 music files stored on its own external HD. I also have another 1TB external HD storing movies and videos. And just last week I bought a 3TB HD for future storage purposes.  

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I have only about 9Gb of music but I have copies of my library across two computers, my phone, tablet and in Google Music, and my library is growing by about 4-5 tracks(320kbps, usually 5-6mins) per month.

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I'm using around 240 GB for my CD collection ripped to flac. This is stored on my PC and synced to my media center in a different room. My DVD/bluray rips consume much more space, around 2TB.


The media center and the desktop are both running Linux, for storage I use logical volumes (LVM formatted drives). So if I run out of disk space, I just plug in another drive, add it to the logical volume and expand the file system.

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Music is just over 550GB on a 750GB SSD, nearly all ALAC, and nearly all CD rips. Back up occasionally to whatever drive is cheapest, but I might throw more drives into the ol' Drobo soon and offload that stuff into its own backup share as well. I moved my system drive to SSD first, for obvious speed reasons, but realized that with the constant access, the reading while writing, etc., I was going through media HDDs like crazy, moving my music to SSD next made the most sense. All of my CDs are in storage boxes, and all of my downloads get burned to BD-Rs and stored with the CDs. Some download services like eClassical are less of a concern than others, I'm mostly worried about tracking all the downloads from labels (especially non-English labels like Hungaroton), and those which revoke your right to re-download after so much time or so many downloads. 


I will say that merely moving music to SSD for sound quality is obvious hogwash, but if you're using internal/onboard sound... Well, all those spinning motors sure can introduce some noise. 

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