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Please help me with my survey (about storage)

Poll Results: For *all* my music/media, I currently use:

  • 34% (749)
    250 gigabytes or less
  • 17% (388)
    251 gigabytes to 500 gigabytes
  • 17% (386)
    501 gigabytes to 1 terabyte
  • 30% (676)
    More than 1 terabyte
2199 Total Votes  
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Please help me with my quick survey (above), as we try to understand a bit more how you're storing your digital media--specifically, what your storage needs are. Also, if you have any comments you can offer regarding anything you think worth mentioning about your storage needs or demands, please share your thoughts.


Thank you for your help answering my survey.


Best Regards,

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You said to leave comments regarding additional info, so why not. I delete a lot of my stuff, so while I currently have 756gb's of space taken up on my media drive, I've probably had about 2tb's of media files all in all.

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on my Walkman I have 120gb... my pc has a 125gb sshd+1tb hd.

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I have 4tb external HDD filled with CDRips/Digital Downloads in FLAC format.

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Just over a Terrabyte, but the needledrops are growing..........

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This is difficult to answer because I have a lot of space in total but only a small part of it is consuming the music.

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I tend to save copies of everything in zip files on a storage drive so I don't need to download/rip again should I delete anything or anything happen to my live drive. I have about a TB of stored music and about 600GB of music in active libraries (like iTunes).

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I Have a 3 gig External Hard drive With All My Digital Albums copied.

And Of Coarse An  3 gig External Hard drive Backup

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I have about 100gb worth of FLAC on my desktop, all of it backed up on an external hdd, as well as all of it in 256kbps AAC for my phone. 

As for video etc... I watch it and then delete it.

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Of course I cast my vote without thoroughly reading the (one, single!) question and therefore picked the wrong option. If we were just talking about music, I would be using considerably less than 250 GB, which is what I chose. But including all my media (e.g. videos I've ripped and music projects I'm working on), I'd be in the next bin up.

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Hi Jude.

I currently have about 2 Terabytes of files stored over two External Hard Drives, and about 400 gig on my Desktop. So I still have space for more :-)

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About 50GB if you only count the stuff I have in WAV(double that for the same music but in all formats.) I wonder how long some of you guys have been buying albums... and how much you have spent. I've been at this for maybe 5 years though I only keep the best albums around. 2/3 end up on Discogs within a year.
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For pure audio based files (flac/wav) i use 120gb on a ssd.
For the rest (movies etc.) i have around 100TB on several regular hdd's wink.gif
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I feel like quite a few members here would be at high risk using a single disk for storage -- RAID5 or RAID10 NAS (or a SAN if you're incredibly wealthy) setups should be more common, as they can be assembled fairly cheaply nowadays. I do nightly backups onto an 8-disk HP Proliant, which I scored from work for free (ask your IT friends about old servers -- we usually scrap them or give them away!), and having the redundancy available is paramount to making sure I'm not caught lamenting an entire music collection getting flushed down the toilet. Hard disks die (often), and having redundant backups is the easiest way to protect your data.

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I have hundreds and thousands of tracks I listen to but they're mostly high bit-rate MP3s/AACs or 16/44.1, only a few are higher like 24/96 and even fewer are 24/192.

Right now, my music is just over 100GBs but it's certainly growing at a steady pace and should high resolution content become available at a more regular basis, it will grow even faster.

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