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Should I buy HTF600's?

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I listen to a somewhat wide range of music, mostly alt-rock and EDM, that being said, there's also rap/hip-hop, indie, pop, and metal in my playlists. I used to own a pair of Skullcrushers by Skullcandy. I loved the deep bass that they provided, but they broke (on my own account), so I traded them in. Now I have $35 in credit with Skullcandy, and was going to buy a second pair, however, they discontinued that model, and came out with their new Crushers, which is basically the new version. I love deep, heavy bass, but I'm afraid that the Crushers might be too tailored toward bass for genres other than EDM and rap/hip-hop to be enjoyable. After doing a bit of research, I've found overwhelming evidence that Panasonic's HTF600 is a favorite for its quality sound, and deep bass, so now I'm stuck between the two.

tl;dr I want headphones that have deep bass, but that also sound good enough while listening to other genres.



If you have any other suggestions, I'd love to hear it. I'm just too indecisive to make a decision (and too cheap to spend over $100) :/

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Anyone have an opinion?

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