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Looking for Guidance - headphone to make my life sound better

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Hey Guys, this is my first post which is kinda of exciting, I was sent here by the guys at overclocked.net, told me I would get better advice.


Sorry about the long intro but this is so you get an idea.


I have been reading your post for a while now and gathered as much info as possible but now it is time for me to get my own pair I need some advice. First, I am no audiophile and have no expertise in sound but do enjoy quality, both in music movies and games. I have never listened to quality earphones but I have the logitech x240 2.1 for work and the logitech ls21 for home. We here in Barbados don't have the wide selection or oppurtunity to go in-store and listen so that is where you guys come in again. I have only used apple and galaxy s4 in-ears if it means anything. So enough of the chit chat, here is what...


What I need it for

I am looking for an all purpose headphone in this order of preference - animation, gaming, iPad(watching series/movies, youtube, etc.), music.


Animation - to be used with adobe after effects and adobe premiere for the purpose of tuning and synchronizing sound effects

Gaming - to be used for racing and some RPG games, NFS and Batman Arkham with possible FPS games in the mix

iPad - generally to watch series online and youtube videos

Music - listen to anything that sounds good but mostly reggae and slow jams/hip hop and even gospel(strange mix huh)


What I am looking for

Must be



minimal sound leakage out - when in bed and wifey is sleeping

comfortable - will be on 2-4hrs some days, other 4-8hrs with breaks

straight cable - if coiled must be removable so I can buy straight cable

reasonably built - quality wise must be decent


Wouldn't mind

folding ability/portability

being able to find pads - whether for comfort, sound, usage, etc


What I would like to have

A decent quality experience, doesn't have to be audiophile stringent

Okay bass for the gaming aspect - can't gauge this as I don't know what is generally accepted but I just want to know it is there but not too over powering that it muffles(not sure this is a terminology to you guys)


What you should know about me

top of head is sensitive - example if I wear a cap the metal button in the top bothers me

big ears - about 2.125" in height

Hight pitch noises tickles my ears


What I am willing to spend - must be on amazon

$75 on new or used - prefer to spend

$100 on new or used - willing to budge if convinced enough it's a good deal or worth the buy.


I have no preference of brand/make, just want something good sounding.

I hope this helps and look forward to your feedback and advice. Thanks


NB - I have read all the guides but nothing is catered to my particular mix, hence my post.

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DT770pro80 is out of your budget, but I would highly recommend putting the headphone purchase off for later in order to save up for DT770.

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It takes me two dollars in my country to make one of yours, and in such times I can't budget for that prince range as yet but thanks for the option and opinion.

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What do you guys think about the Koss DJ200 and or the Kingston hyperx Cloud

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