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Interest in learning about DACs,DAPs ,headphones amps ,headphone amps w/DACs , players etc.

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Hello ,
Am new to this group , as well as being new to the entire digital audio world . Had been simply downloading & storing songs (couple thousand ) to computer w/ MP3 Rocket , then burning some to make CDs (MP3 format )for my car stereo . Then ,recently got smartphone Samsung and began syncing phone to computer .Been using cheap earbuds to listen to music when at gym or mowing lawn .
Sound absolutely SUCKED ! Began to read about FLAC , WAV , EAC and many other formats . This opened the whole new world of DAPs ,DACs , Headphone Amps ,DAC/Amps ,etc. I didn't even know other Music players existed , besides WMP !
So here I am .......
Any comments or Ideas on my plans going forward would be appreciated !!!

I would like to start fresh with ALL new downloads being in a Lossless format . Plan is to erase all current music files (in MP3 format ) . Then , I want to install music player , a ripper ,a storage program , a burner ( I currently have NERO 9) if one exists that is better than Nero 9 . Would like them all (or a single if it can do it all ,even better ) to be compatible w/ Android 4.2.2 Jellybean . Can't get much volume ,no sound stage ,very little Highs or lows . Would portable DAC/headphone amp help to bring music from my phone to life ? What about DAP , instead of phone ? Would like to use existing equipment (phone ) as player unless portable DAP is significantly better . Any thoughts help would be welcome !!
Cheers ,
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Don't think that FLAC will dramatically improve the sound, it's practically identical to 320kbps MP3 in real life.

People will say flac contains more sound information, but I am a human, I don't care about sounds my ears cannot possibly hear.


Get better headphones, it's the only thing that really improves sound quality on any setup with any file format.

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First, I wouldn't be so quick to erase all your current music. If you have stuff ripped in 320 MP3, then that is very high quality and depending on your listening setup, you may not be able to tell any difference between that and a higher-res format. 


Second, the most important thing is HEADPHONES, not DAC's, amp's, or DAP's. You're talking about all this stuff and you're listening on "cheap earbuds". Its no wonder you are disappointed in your audio. You need to focus on headphones first, and then the other things. I would completely forget about everything until you get some halfway decent headphones or IEMs, and see what that does for you before you make any other purchases.

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Many thanks Gents ! Will take all your suggestions to heart .After re-reading my post...It does sound like I completely ignored the headphone piece of the puzzle .And initially ,in truth, I did. Tried using my phone and an `el-cheapo' set of phones ,read 10 bucks ha-ha But as I stated ,majority use of portable rigs are when I work & work-out. Tasks like cutting grass, lifting ,spinning etc. Statement of fact ... I sweat like I stole something . So the purchase and use of high-end phones , particularly ON or OVER EAR style seems to not make much sense to me .Think soaking wet & voided warranties .
So , to avoid the above issues, my search has by-passed the ON & OVER EAR to IN-EAR w/ added feature of water - resistance . Will comment on quality after few days .
P.S. 2 days ago purchased set of Klipsch Image A5i Sports . Review states, " These earbuds are moisture- and sweat-resistant ".They received a #5 of 5 for durability . Their Fit & Comfort- "To Die For" . And finally, Sound Quality-"the sound is superb,`easily a 5. Article stated that retail price was $129.00 on Klipsch site . Paid less than half that. Will comment on them after I've used them for awhile .
So with fingers crossed , I'm hoping I will be able to put headphone part of equation to bed .
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