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Originally Posted by Notus View Post

ANC work's mostly on constant noise like air plain engine noise, bus engine noise. But it does not work well with other noises.
Passive isolation is always better in terms of sound quality. I think the NAD VISO HP50 should work nicely.
You could check also SoundMagic HP100 and the Akg K550 or the K551 difference is the cable and color.
All of these should work without an amplifier.

+1 to this! 100% agree except for NAD VISO HP50 as I have never tried it myself.

All should work without an amplifier but as a person who prefer warmish ton, I prefer pairing K550/551 with warmish amp xD EQ may work too thought
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yamaha mt220 ,  shure 1540 

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what about pure sound quality? how do the PSB M4U 2's compare?

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How do the Parrot Ziks compare as far as pure sound quality is concerned?

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The Parrot Zik IMO is more for the features only. Sound wise, not very much impressed for the price IMO. Pure sound wise on the M4U2, it's neutral, and the impressive soundstage. Punchy bass but the bass is not as strong as AH-D600 just as comparison but midrange and highs wise, the M4U2 is better. At $400, if you do not wish to pair your headphone with an amplifier, the B&O H6 is a good choice too.

Keep in mind thought, I have never experienced NAD VISO HP50 but by far, the B&O H6 offer one of the widest soundstage for a closed headphone and the left right separations are equally impressive.
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Well as far as i know, ANC headphones will always sound worse compared to normal headphones with passive isolation.

Why are you looking at ANC headphones when you say'd you will listen mostly at home?

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is there a noise-cancelling version?

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All the mentioned closed back headphones isolates external noise extremely well. I personally do not feel a need on active/circuit noise cancellation IMO.

But to answer your question, only the PSB M4U2 offers active noise cancellation. B&O H6, PSB M4U1, NAD VISO HP50, Denon AH-D600 only have passive noise cancellation which they did extremely well. Not so sure about the NAD VISO HP50 as I have never tried it myself thought smily_headphones1.gif
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PSB M4U 2 or B&) H6 which one has better SOUND QUALITY??!!

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Parrot Ziks, PSB M4U2 he asked about those and both are ANC headphones. Parrot Ziks are also a bluetooth headphone.

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some quick tots..


i dun recommend the denon D600 unless u have an amp.

(u likely gonna get some loose n distant sounding bass if it is not well powered)


I would stay away from "noise cancelling" features... (just me :P)

hate to have these features go dead on me, i was anxious about warranty n sending it back kind of scene...just paranoid..more electronics more problem..battery charging..sighhh ? 

But if u fly often...i guess u might need it. i still dun.


Parrot Zik didnt sound good to my ears. muffled? skip


H6 is a good option...balanced, euphonic to my ears. i was hunting for one...

until i end up with the PANDORA Hope 6..zzz

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so which one has better sound quality? psb or beoplay h6?

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Originally Posted by sixsamuraisoldi View Post

so which one has better sound quality? psb or beoplay h6?

Beoplay H6 for shure :D 

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anyone else?

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Just want to chime in on the AH-D600 that you can power it fine without an amp. It needs a good source but was designed to be directly used out of portables. As an over ear closed back, it so comfortable. Though it does seem to be design for those with medium-to-large noggins. I have fairly large ears, and they fit fine inside of the shaped cups. Its very enjoyable listening to cinematic music, movie scores, thanks to its rich bass. Its a headphone that had its hare of criticism, but I really enjoy it - its quite relaxed, and I just seem to gel with it and want to listen hours on end.


The great thing about it, well they've been going for good prices, way below the MSRP. 


I've owned the MDR-V6, its been a while but I remember it as an excellent headphone. Especially for its price. The high-end could get a bit sharp. 


Oh, another recommendation would be the Shure SRH-840 and SRH-1540. Definitely read up on the latter. Its fairly new and has been described as a mixture of AH-D600 meets Sennheiser HD650. I've owned the SRH-840, and I prefer the Denon AH-D600, more for the better soundstage, clarity, and low-end. The SRH-840 is more a monitoring headphone in the vein of the MDR-V6. Some may prefer that type of sound. The SRH-1540 is more tuned for musicality and enjoyment.


Also would look into the MDR-7520. A proper studio can, but one that is said to have incredible bass reproduction while remaining neutral, also very comfortable.

Just listening to some tracks from Two Steps from Hell, Audiomachine, and they are using modern production techniques and effects processing, including drum sampling and synthetic percussion. On the D600, you'll definitely get the impact from the percussion and lower bass they've worked into tracks.
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