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I haven't been able to find much/anything recent on here by searching...

my etymotic er4p cable has just started breaking, sound cuts out if the cable is moved. 


So, I need a new cable, since I'm in the UK If I return the drivers and cable (they refuse to just send a cable) to etymotic for replacement; cable + shipping + customs tax works out around £100-130, I've had several cables replaced over the years by them, there must be better options!


I know 5-6 years ago the Apuresound cables were considered a good option but I'm not sure they are still operating (and they look quite weak, can anyone comment?), I've found another option but I haven't found any info about them: the "Silver Seagull" er4 upgrade cable, anyone heard of these or even have one of these? 


I want to avoid the AWWAN adaptors, I had those on an old pair of er4s and I found them not to be very secure - I think this would be my last resort...


these earphones have been around about 20 years, I'm really surprised there seem to be so few options!

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