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noble n5, heir 5.AI or jh7

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Hi all,
Wondering your thoughts on my best option between these 3 (or other similar quality/price iems.
I listen to edm, metal, rock, acoustic guitar, pretty much everything actually.
I would say I am a border line bass head, but I like bass quality over boomy horrible bass.
I love a nice layered lush detailed mids with non harsh but well extended highs.
I may be asking too much but this is what I have come to expect after alpha dogs and um mentors.
I am looking for a more affordable option due to personal reasons.

I heard the jh7 and I was fairly happy for the sound I am looking for but I am heading back for a longer listen in a couple of days, I just wanted to be armed with some more options smily_headphones1.gif
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Apparantly the N5 and Heir audio 5.0 are pretty much the same iem in different shells, if that helps any.

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