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Make RCA cables out of this wire?

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this? I moved into a house which had cabling done from an amp in one room to speakers in another. I have attached some pictures to show the ends of one speaker cable.

My problem is, I've placed my NaimUniti in one room and want to transmit its preamp output to an amp in a different room. I only have one speaker wire with the ends shown to transmit stereo output.

Therefore, I was wondering if I could make a stereo RCA cable out of this one speaker cable. I'm assuming that I could use the black and red to both transmit signal. However, the problem would be that I wouldn't have a ground cable. Is there any other way I could ground the cable? Does anyone have a different suggestion for transmitting the signal?

Thanks in advance guys!


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Is it shielded cable?
How long is the cable run?
Really the only thing you may be able to do with this cable is use it for signal (either left or right).
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RCAs are just two terminal connectors. Signal and ground. Use red for signal, black for ground and Bob's yer uncle.

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Oh, wait. You're wanting to run a line level signal from one room to another? You're probably not going to want to use that speaker cable for that long a run. You can try, but you might have issues with noise pickup. If you do, then you want to do the run with a proper shielded cable.

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But with only a one Red and a one White wire it's going to be Mono.   And no you can't run the common (ground) using a different path/route.

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Oh, missed the "one speaker wire" part.

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I figured that I could just make it into a coax cable, which suits my equipment on both sides.


Am planning on doing the soldering this weekend. Will let you all know how it goes!

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