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I know for a fact that red headphones are faster and have more bass. but only a red cable can do the trick.


but I don't know if that works for red car moose?




in an attempt to be rational and get past packaging, do you think we can ask 2 women to participate in a DBT with me? I'm ok to turn off the light and everything. I take objectivity very seriously.

I am pleased to report that it does work for a red car... physics teaches us why in this post:




...and I have a red car (A FIAT Abarth, no less, as in the post above!).  And I will be driving it, filled with headphones, fast, from Ann Arbor (south east Michigan) to Chicago, leaving in just 8 hours, filled with headphones,  to participate in the Chi UniFI headphone meet!!

great link, I'm clearly convinced by the sound reasoning in it. I had a theory that black cars would go faster because they heat up the air more, reducing the air density, thus reducing friction. sadly you can't benefit from that science as less air resistance means also less control on the breaks or when turning. maybe a black car with blue spoilers?

anyway clearly red is the best choice for fast car. what is puny air density when you can have light speed.

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Originally Posted by castleofargh View Post

the stradivarius thing made the news at the time, same with wine. it seems those things have to be sensational to interest people, truth isn't enough to make the news. still it's good to see a DBT that wasn't some advertisement or medical trial. and idd it shows how our other senses and knowledge always interact with what we try to evaluate.

I'm always a laughing stock because I need to close my eyes to critically listen to music. else it's "ok now the bass will come in, let's see how controlled and extended it sounds, wait for it... oh my! look at those boobs!" and I miss half the sounds.

ahhh breasts... make everything sound better don't they! 


and one horribly sexists re mark later,  I have to agree with you and disagree, the mind sits atop the body. For some, my self included, it's more enjoyable finding a tube that 60 years old and sounds glorious, than finding one made today that's equally as good. There's more joy in the fact, that, that old tube has some hurdles to jump! Same with those Violins, the new violins have it easy! Technological advancement and what not, so if both sound the same, the older ones are just more enjoyable to listen to, since you know the difficulties over came in produceing it! 


It's those funny little mind games we play with our selvs that make this hobby unique for each person, like me who only has headphones with FULL wood Houseings I went so far as to even mod my HE 4 with Mango cups... does it sound better? HELL YEA it does, wood makes everything sound better <3 [we know that's a lie] but the joy I get from looking at my super unique headphones, increases the overall enjoyment


Do I recommend some one NOT buy an HE 4 cuz it comes with plastic, not at all,


And Aku wishes to acknowledge the awesome power of Red, for his eye's burn with fire, as does his beard... thusly Aku approves of this link http://www.fiat500owners.com/forum/16-off-topic-discussion/9089-red-fastest-color-fiats-physics-teaches-us-why.html#post134638


for who see's as much as Aku does, and who can speak as well as Aku does.. NONE can. For only Aku has eyes of Red and a flaming mouth of red

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