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First of all, greetings from Italy to all of you here on the forum.


I'm not an audiophile, but I am a lover of music of various genres, but mostly rock, from Sigur Rós to Linkin Park, from Yann Tiersenn to Slipknot, from Britney Spears to the Cranberries (LOL) and this is a problem for me in the choice of my future headphones.


I've never had headphones with price more than 24/30 € and in fact when I write I wear an old pair of Philips SHP5401 :-)


A few days ago it was my birthday and for my 31 years I decided to take a new step in the audio world ... and the choice is really hard for me because I have no way of being able to listen to the headphones in question if not making a trip of 200km.


The choice is between the headphones that I put in the title:

* Sony MDR-10RC as on the Sony website “Headphones with sound artists trust” that from what I read give a sound that ranges exactly between the various genres.


* Beats Solo HD Monochrome Monochrome that in this new format as well as being very beautiful should have a sound pumped less than the Beats Solo HD standard.


The online price is around 95 € regardless of the brand 

I'd like to listen to music in a comfortable and optimal both at home and on short journeys without bothering those around me and if the headphone have good isolation ... even better.


I hope you will help me in my choice, because honestly I do not know what to do alone

Thanks to all