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JH7 Pro - Thoughts?

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Has anyone heard the JH7 Pro? I am interested in them, but I don't want to jump without some real info. I have only managed to find a couple of reviews here on Head-Fi, none of which are very thorough or descriptive. What I would really like to see is an FR graph and comparison to some universals; TF10 if possible. But really I'm looking for anything at all.


Does anyone out there have the JH7s? Bueller?

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I just ordered some, I am more than happy to give you my thoughts when they get in.

Could be a good while though lol.

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Would love to hear your thoughts :-) I'm looking to find a JH7, JH11, or JH13 second hand, and I'm biding my time for a good price, so I'm not in any hurry :-P
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I think there is a JH11 for a great price on the FS threads....


EDIT: $350 - not bad price...

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