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Recommendations please?

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Hello, I just joined Head-Fi an hour ago and I am not that experienced on all of this new information. So I'm not the one who can recommend, but I would love someone to show me something good in terms of in-ear!


The only "Proffesional" Iem I've got are the Sony Mh1C, and I mostly, mostly, listen to electronic music. I would love the same sound quality (Maybe even better. ) as the Mh1C still at a reasonably price ( My budget is maximum 60 Bucks ). I am a bass person, so I would really love some bassy and groovy sound in my headphones, plus, I also love dynamic sound or something that can make you "eargasm", something really crisp and sensational sound. With the MH1C the buds keep on jumping out on me, for some reason, I don't know.....


As I'm a student, I travel alot so isolation is also a big plus and comfort too! Still it has to be that budget at 60 $.


P.S Don't recommend me something with a J-Cord, that is the most awful thing I've worn. Oh! And also I live in Scandinavia, if that makes it any different!



Also thanks for all of the suggestions that are maybe to come, have a nice day!

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Welcome to Head-fi.
I am also a newbie just like you, so I can't recommend you any items. But you must follow the below mentioned threads if you want to do some research:

The products mentioned at Sr. No. 4 are current favorite.
Hope this helps
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Thanks for suggestive starter thread, I will definitely look into it.





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