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eBay Omega headphone stand?

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Has anyone here purchased the wooden headphone stands from China on eBay?
They look similar to the Omega ones from Amazon, but are quite a bit cheaper.

They also look like the Sieveking stand, which is much much more expensive for whatever reason.


I'm considering buying one, and just want to make sure that it's not going to damage the cans, or be unusable in some way.

I mean, really, it's just a formed piece of wood, so I can't see it being that different, right?

Hopefully someone here can correct me if I'm wrong :)



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I have one on the way to me (could take a couple of weeks though). But i'll defininantly get back with some impressions (and if I forget, please spam my inbox).
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I got one of the cheap copies of the sieveking omega stand on aliexpress and quality is just fine.  a couple of dings on the inside where you can't see.  I ended up not liking it because on my hifiman he300 the stand was short enough that the headphone cables bent against my table.  Later I got a pier 1 glass head for $20 that I preferred because it was taller

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